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How To Get High Quality Referrals

The Referral Mastery System incorporates the best practices from 20 years of on-going research on how to drive profitable growth through implementing a systematic referral program . Not everyone is a good fit for you OR you for them. Educate your clients on who you can help and WHY your expertise is important to them.

An effective referral program requires much more than simply asking your clients for referrals. To get the quality of referral you want, it’s important to educate your clients on the specific types of people and situations where you provide expertise and WHY your specific expertise is valuable for those people.

This educating of your clients and other referral sources helps you in two important ways. First, it helps assure you get the quality of referral that you desire. Second, it motivates the client to play an active role in the introduction. Clients who are happy with your service will refer you if someone they know asks them for a recommendation. However, they are unlikely to initiate conversation about your service unless they understand why it’s important for the people they know to meet with someone with your expertise.

It takes less than 3 minutes to educate a client on who, why, and how to introduce you. It will be one of the highest payoff activities you ever undertake.

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How NOT to Ask for Referrals

Many are fearful of asking for referrals – and with good reason. If your relationship with the client is based on trust, you can damage the relationship if you ask in the wrong way. And if you want the client to play a role in introducing you, how you ask is very important. Here are some of the mistakes you want to avoid.

Mistake #1: Positioning the referral process around you and how you grow your business. If the framework for the referral conversation is about “helping you grow your business”, you might as well shout, “This is all about me!” While this approach may work 1x with some of your clients, you run a big risk if you repeat this approach with clients.

Mistake # 2: Insisting the client give you a specific number. Don’t ever try this is you want a on-going relationship with the customer. This might have worked back in the 80’s but it will backfire today.

Mistake # 3: Suggesting the client look in his or her address book or contact list on their iPhone. You send the message that you are on a fishing expedition with a big net and have given little thought to who in their network you are in position to help.

Mistake # 4: Jamming it on the end of a call or meeting with no advance notice. If you want the client to give you a thoughtful response, let them know in advance that it will be part of the upcoming meeting. Most clients will engage thoughtfully, if you demonstrate that you are approaching thoughtfully first.

In upcoming articles, we will address how to ask in a way that strengthens your bond with clients and get them to play an active role.

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5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Coach – Part 1

When Not to Hire a Coach

From time to time, managers and advisors consider the option of hiring a performance or business coach. Unless the conditions are right, an investment in coaching can be a waste of money. When should you NOT hire a coach?

1. When the advisor or manager is unclear on what he or she wants to accomplish. Without clear objectives, you can’t determine which coach or coaching process is a good fit. Before considering a performance coach, identify specifically the areas you want to strengthen. Then prioritize those in the order of potential payback.

2. When you are in the middle of an intensive skill-building program from the home office. You can’t effectively execute several change initiatives at the same time. Advisors, who are in the first year or two in a new career and involved in an intensive training program, should look first to maximize what is being offered by the home office program.

3. When you are undergoing significant personal change or trauma. If your family member is facing a serious medical challenge or dealing with an issue like divorce, it is extremely difficult to focus your energies on making habit or systems changes in your business. Implementing change and driving business growth require focus and energy. A performance or business coach is not the right resource during times of personal trauma. At these times, a psychologist or family counselor is a better fit. (more…)

5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Coach – Part 2

How to Select a Coach

When selecting a coach, create a checklist of what you want in a coaching relationship. Here are a few criteria to consider.

1. Demonstrated expertise and track record in the areas you want to strengthen.

2. A clear methodology for addressing the areas you want to strengthen.

3. Specific measures so you can track your progress

4. Teaching methodology that fits how your learn and change

5. Clear money-back guarantee

6. Personal style with which you are comfortable

7. Provide options for on-going support. (more…)

Referral Mastery – 20th Anniversary Specials

In appreciation for twenty (20) wonderful years of helping our clients improve their profitablitity through referral generation, we have comprised two (2) extraordinary toolkit packages that will “jump start” and.or dramatically improve your business’ growth through referral generation.

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