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5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Coach – Part 1

When Not to Hire a Coach

From time to time, managers and advisors consider the option of hiring a performance or business coach. Unless the conditions are right, an investment in coaching can be a waste of money. When should you NOT hire a coach?

1. When the advisor or manager is unclear on what he or she wants to accomplish. Without clear objectives, you can’t determine which coach or coaching process is a good fit. Before considering a performance coach, identify specifically the areas you want to strengthen. Then prioritize those in the order of potential payback.

2. When you are in the middle of an intensive skill-building program from the home office. You can’t effectively execute several change initiatives at the same time. Advisors, who are in the first year or two in a new career and involved in an intensive training program, should look first to maximize what is being offered by the home office program.

3. When you are undergoing significant personal change or trauma. If your family member is facing a serious medical challenge or dealing with an issue like divorce, it is extremely difficult to focus your energies on making habit or systems changes in your business. Implementing change and driving business growth require focus and energy. A performance or business coach is not the right resource during times of personal trauma. At these times, a psychologist or family counselor is a better fit. (more…)

5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Coach – Part 2

How to Select a Coach

When selecting a coach, create a checklist of what you want in a coaching relationship. Here are a few criteria to consider.

1. Demonstrated expertise and track record in the areas you want to strengthen.

2. A clear methodology for addressing the areas you want to strengthen.

3. Specific measures so you can track your progress

4. Teaching methodology that fits how your learn and change

5. Clear money-back guarantee

6. Personal style with which you are comfortable

7. Provide options for on-going support. (more…)

Referral Mastery – 20th Anniversary Specials

In appreciation for twenty (20) wonderful years of helping our clients improve their profitablitity through referral generation, we have comprised two (2) extraordinary toolkit packages that will “jump start” and.or dramatically improve your business’ growth through referral generation.

Please enjoy our 20th Anniversary Specials (more…)

Keeping Clients Connected and Informed

When the market plunges, how do you connect with all your clients when so many are demanding instant access?

It is hard to be proactive when the markets are gyrating and you have 4 clients on hold.  With so many to serve, it is imperative you utilize strategies that let you reach many with a single effort.  Many of our clients are doing an excellent job of connecting with clients, and using this period to add new clients.   What are they doing?

In addition to proactively contacting clients by phone in priority order, many are using their newsletters to address questions and issues that many clients are asking.  These include (more…)

Keeping Clients in a Brutal Market

A high percentage of your clients are worried or confused about what might happen to their portfolios, their jobs, and their future lifestyles.  Even though there is much uncertainty in the economy and the markets, you can provide an important service to your clients that will both lower their anxiety and reduce the likelihood they will fire you if the market should fall further.

That service is to equip your clients to address worst case scenarios.   You execute this by raising the WHAT IF scenarios and create contingency plans.  These scenarios need to include: (more…)