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Taking Care of Yourself when Markets Crash

When markets are crashing, the workload and emotional demands on you soar.  You need to quickly reach your clients to provide an action plan that will protect them. The volume of client call-ins surges and these calls are packed with emotional intensity as you deal with client panic and their fears about dreams being crushed.

You can empathize because you’re also worried about your family’s portfolio, your business, and perhaps your company.

In the heat of this inferno, it is imperative that you take of yourself.  You can’t take care of your clients if you are not attending to your own health and your emotional state.   Here are a few reminders. (more…)

Keeping Clients Connected and Informed

When the market plunges, how do you connect with all your clients when so many are demanding instant access?

It is hard to be proactive when the markets are gyrating and you have 4 clients on hold.  With so many to serve, it is imperative you utilize strategies that let you reach many with a single effort.  Many of our clients are doing an excellent job of connecting with clients, and using this period to add new clients.   What are they doing?

In addition to proactively contacting clients by phone in priority order, many are using their newsletters to address questions and issues that many clients are asking.  These include (more…)

Keeping Clients in a Brutal Market

A high percentage of your clients are worried or confused about what might happen to their portfolios, their jobs, and their future lifestyles.  Even though there is much uncertainty in the economy and the markets, you can provide an important service to your clients that will both lower their anxiety and reduce the likelihood they will fire you if the market should fall further.

That service is to equip your clients to address worst case scenarios.   You execute this by raising the WHAT IF scenarios and create contingency plans.  These scenarios need to include: (more…)