Overcoming Your Fear of Asking for A Referral

As you consider implementing a referral program in order to improve your referral results, it’s important to first identify “what’s been getting in the way”. Is it because you don’t have a systematic process? Is it because you don’t make time for it in your client meetings? Is it because you are afraid that asking for a referral might affect your relationship with your client?

Before implementing a referral program for our clients, we assess people’s attitudes about referrals. We frequently discover mental barriers that must be overcome in order for the referral program to be successful. For example, if you feel that asking for referrals is “sleazy” or “puts your interest in front of the client’s”, you will feel uncomfortable. You will be tentative in executing the strategies and you will radiate your personal discomfort in a way that your client senses. This will impact your effectiveness and results. And if you don’t see quick success, you will likely give up and say, “This doesn’t work”.

It is important to listen carefully to your own thinking and be honest about your feelings. Record what you are saying to yourself and then challenge the “internal logic” that is holding you back. For example, if you feel that referrals are “thank you gifts” that the client gives in response to great service, you might feel that asking for a referral violates the spirit of that gift. Do you feel that asking for a referral equates to “begging” and diminishes your standing with your client?

If you don’t candidly address these fears and attitudes, your success with referrals will be stunted. These personal fears and attitudes about referrals will act as a glass ceiling that prevents you from raising performance.

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